Our daily goals are fairly ordinary but our purpose, we believe, is extraordinary. Our hours between sleep and studio are sewn together to make your everyday better. We thought we’d make a window in our wall, letting you have a day with us as we get started with our signature shirtdress.

10:00: Our office manager lets everyone into the studio, which is situated in the greenest corners of Shahpur Jat; it is a solemn space of our own. An ethos of the brand itself, our work-den doesn’t promote exclusivity; it welcomes all. While the team is rather small and has members with a diversified set of skills, the work happens in coherence.

11:00: We would like nothing better than for our day being technology free, yet it doesn’t start without checking our mails. We check for new orders, sourcing requests and updates on our social media portals. Why does one post do better than the other? Mystery unsolved.

12:00: Our agenda for the day reads “Structured Cotton Linen Dress”. Our shirtdress has stood strong and journeyed with us right from our very first style in classic navy to the updated version of it in Marsala Red. This dress has renewed itself time and again through the helping hand of new fabrics and refined details. Our dress paints a lovely picture on most of our clients, whether they style it with pants or without, tie the belt or let it loose.

13:00: The production of each piece is completed by undergoing a meticulous process. From the fabric, which is sustainably sourced from parts of South India to the make of the garment, each piece comes to life through the triumph of cooperation and coordination amongst our entire team and beyond.

1400: Long working hours and very little rest. This hour is the break we tend to take when we’re not looking at the things dearest to us- our finishing details, contrast piping and quality fabrics or the silhouette itself.

1500: Our fabrics are the rendition of our ultimate goal- to make your everyday better. We fulfill it by sourcing high-quality fabrics that are breathable and easy to maintain. The process of cutting the fabric is like seeding a garden, ready for full-bloom.

1600: The dress is sewn, piece-by-piece, and slowly starts coming to life. Each garment is made by a single tailor instead of the process being fragmented amongst many, in turn taking away from the authenticity of the design.

1700: Ease and comfort is a luxury to us and the sole motivator to our designs. The notched lapel collar adds sharpness to this style while the contrast piping is a subtle design detail. Our pockets have been cultivated through the need for functionality in what one wears. We want to make sure your phones are pocket-able; all our designs arise from functionality.

1800: Seldom gone unnoticed, our creativity is in smaller things that come together to complete a garment. It can be in the stronghold of our buttons or in their precise placements.

1900: As the last hour is drawn in, our Structured Cotton Linen Dress is close to completion. The buttons are freshly placed right under the notched lapel collar. Our ideas celebrate minimalism while our imagination is outsourced from the merger between style and comfort. Our shirtdress is a testament to that.

We hope you enjoyed wearing this style just as much as we did while making it! You can visit our studio every Saturday of the week or book an appointment with us on a weekday.